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NameFirm NameCityPhone
Adrienne Fry Fry & Ritchie, An Association of Attorneys CLARKSVILLE (931)648-9400
Adrienne Welchance Welchance Law Clarksville (931)444-5471
Albert Marks Marks, Shell & Maness Clarksville (931)552-6000
Alex Darnell Darnell & Darnell, Assoc. Clarksville (931)648-5703
Alex Wepfer Clarksville
Alexis Conniff Plymouth Engineered Shapes Clarksville (270)887-8283
anthony quail clarksville (931)494-3099
Ashleigh Travis Bateman & Bateman, P.C. Clarksville (931)647-5959
Austin Maness Marks, Shell and Maness Clarksville (931)552-6000
Austin Peay Batson, Nolan, PLC Clarksville (931)647-1501
Beverly Fisher Clarksville (931)645-6061
Lynn Morton B. Lynn Morton, Attorney at Law Clarksville (931)906-0000
Brian Hill Brian L. Hill, Attorney at Law Clarksville (931)320-9573
Carmack Shell Marks, Shell & Maness Clarksville (931)552-6000
Carol Joiner Clarksville-Montgomery County School System Clarksville (931)920-7941
Charles Smith Charles W. Smith, Attorney Clarksville (931)647-2323
Cleo Hogan Cleo G. Hogan Attorney at Law Clarksville (931)551-9131
Costin Shamble Austin Peay State University Office of Legal Affairs Clarksville (931)221-7584
Dan Nolan Batson Nolan, PLC Clarksville (931)647-1501
Daniel Bryant Casay, Simmons & Bryant Clarksville (931)896-2400
Daniel Martin Clarksville (931)249-9696
Mark Nolan Batson,Nolan, PLC Clarksville (931)647-1501
David Silvus Law Office of Harvey & Silvus Clarksville (931)552-0549
David Winters Winters Patent Law Clarksville (931)906-4445
Deborah Evans The Law Offices of Deborah S. Evans, PLLC Clarksville (931)552-7111
Denise Sandifar Lehman, Sandifar & Associates PLC Clarksville (931)896-2226
Eric Bittner Law Office Of Eric M. Bittner Clarksville (931)648-1234
Evans Harvill Rudolph Ross Fendley & Hogan Clarksville (931)572-0700
J. Runyon Runyon & Runyon Clarksville (931)647-3377
Greg Patton Patton & Pittman Attorneys Clarksville (931)647-5242
Heather Fleming City of Clarksville Clarksville (931)553-2463
Houston Lyle Harvill, Ross, Ragland & Dale Clarksville (931)572-0700
Jack Miller Clarksville (931)552-2200
Kevin Fowler Legal Aid Society of Middle TN & the Cumberlands Clarksville (931)552-6656
Ed Maurer Maurer & Gardner, Pllc Clarksville (931)552-9253
Jim Potter The Potter Law Firm, PLLC Clarksville (931)378-5784
Jamie Durrett Batson Nolan PLC Clarksville (931)647-1501
Matt Miller Batson Nolan, PLC Clarksville (931)647-1501
Jeff Goodson City of Clarksville Clarksville (931)553-2475
Jennifer Steiert Hibbeler and Associates Clarksville (931)919-5075
Jennifer Thayer Austin Peay State University Clarksville (931)338-0240
Jill Bartee Ayers 19th Judicial District Circuit Court Judge, Division IV Clarksville (931)648-5704
Joel Ragland Joel D. Ragland Attorney-at-Law Clarksville (931)551-6495
John Biggs Law Office of Steven C. Girsky Clarksville (931)552-5339
John Crow Batson Nolan, PLC Clarksville (931)647-1501
John Eskew City of Clarksville Clarksville (931)648-6160
John Mitchell Cunningham, Mitchell & Rocconi Clarksville (931)552-1480
John Richardson Clarksville (931)552-3752
John Stephens Batson Nolan, PLC Clarksville (931)647-1501
Joseph Kendrick Attorney at Law Clarksville (901)262-8160
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