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NameFirm NameCityPhone
Aaron Webb Independent Healthcare Properties, LLC Cleveland (423)650-1055
Andrea Rigdon Law Office of Andrea M. Rigdon Cleveland (423)709-7744
Ann McCoin Law Office of George N. McCoin Cleveland (423)479-2157
Ashley Ownby Ashley L. Ownby Attorney at Law Cleveland (423)479-1324
Lynn Perry Cleveland (423)472-1619
Bryce Kirksey Burns & Henry & Kirksey, PC Cleveland (423)339-0529
Cathy Allshouse Legal Aid of East Tennessee Cleveland (423)402-4754
Charles Corn Public Defender Cleveland (423)478-0348
Tyler Stafford LCCA - Legal and Risk Cleveland
Charlotte Mattingly Tennessee Department of Children's Services Cleveland (423)243-7467
Denise Dickerson Sutter OConnell Cleveland (216)928-2200
Dennis Watkins Church of God International Offices Cleveland (423)478-7056
Galen Pickard Life Care Centers of America Cleveland (423)605-7813
Geoffrey Beck Life Care Legal and Risk Services LLC Cleveland (931)334-4334
George McCoin George McCoin Attorney at Law Cleveland (423)479-2157
Ginger Buchanan Ginger Wilson Buchanan, Attorney At Law Cleveland (423)614-4035
Greg Madson Jones Management Services, Inc. Cleveland (423)473-4236
Harvey Templeton, III Cleveland (423)476-6749
Franklin Chancey Chancey, Kanavos, Love & Painter Cleveland (423)479-9186
Jack Tapper Law Offices of Jack W. Tapper Cleveland (423)472-9512
Jimmy Logan Logan - Thompson PC Cleveland (423)476-2251
Jim Thompson Logan, Thompson, Miller, Bilbo& Thompson PC Cleveland (423)476-2251
Jeff Miller Miller Law Firm Cleveland (423)479-3083
Jessica Miller The Miller Law Firm CLEVELAND
John Bottley Cleveland
John Kimball John F. Kimball, Attorney Cleveland (423)476-8541
Allen Murphy The Law Firm of J. Allen Murphy, Jr. Cleveland (423)790-7310
John Palumbo Tucker Ellis LLP Cleveland (216)696-3130
John Wysong Chancey, Kanavos, Love & Painter Cleveland (423)479-9186
Eric Brooks George N McCoin Attorney at Law Cleveland (423)479-2157
Josh Jenne Jenne, Scott & Jenne PLLC Cleveland (423)476-5506
Laurie McNulty Logan-Thompson, P.C. Cleveland (423)476-2251
Susie Starnes M. Susie Starnes & Associates Cleveland (423)614-5600
Marcia McMurray McMurray Law Office, PLLC Cleveland (423)479-7171
RANDY Sellers Randy Sellers, Attorney Cleveland (423)472-8803
Mary Morgan Life Care Legal & Risk, LLC Cleveland (423)473-5110
Matt O'Connell Sutter O'Connell CLEVELAND (216)928-4530
Mike Callaway Cleveland
Mike Jenne Jenne, Scott & Jenne Cleveland (423)476-5506
Nan Jenne Jenne, Scott & Jenne Cleveland (423)476-5506
Beth Lee Cleveland (423)790-1562
Paul Dietrich Dietrich & Dietrich Cleveland (423)479-8681
Philip Jacobs Logan Thompson Cleveland (423)476-2251
Bradley Banks Richard Banks & Associates, P.C. Cleveland (423)479-4188
Richard Fisher Richard Fisher Law Office Cleveland (423)479-7009
Rob Norred Logan-Thompson, PC Cleveland (423)476-2251
Robert Wilson Wilson Law PC Cleveland (423)472-1573
Roger Jenne Jenne, Scott & Jenne Cleveland (423)476-5506
Sandra Donaghy Criminal Court Judge Cleveland (423)339-5535
Shahen Salili Legal Aid of East Tennessee Cleveland (423)303-2268
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